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Now more than ever, with all of the DIY videos, books, etc there are so many self-made Interior Designers. So, in addition to the pros, who have studied and received credentials in this arena, there are a plethora of people who dabble in design. Perhaps this is your full-time gig, or maybe you just like to change things up in your own home, either way, you will probably agree that Art In The Space is so important.

Art is often what pulls the room together. Art is usually what makes the statement. Art, when chosen selectively and well-placed can create a unique environment that guests and home owners are sure to admire and adore. Art gets the conversation started, and allows people to get to know one another on a more creative and cerebral level.

When you walk into a building or a room, do you tend to take notice of the Art first and foremost? Especially if there is a huge painting hanging over the mantle, or a giant sculpture standing tall and elegant in a corner. Art draws the eye, captures the attention, and speaks to the soul. Our hearts can easily be grasped by a piece that we are taken with. When you see something that captivates you, it could be something tiny or something massive, it is natural to want to share a moment with it. For some, an inanimate object can often begin to come to life with your imagination.

Curating a variety of different mediums is essential, as the key is to place a nice piece of artwork in specific locations throughout the space. If, for example, the space is a formal living room, you may place a nice ceramic sculpture, that is large, lengthy, and low, on the coffee table, just a bit off-center. Leaving space for a stack of hardcover books that coordinate with the color pallet of the decor. On top of the books, it would be a great idea to place a small candle and perhaps a dainty vase, with a single flower peeking out.

Let's say we have another design opportunity in the bedroom, and you want to hang two art pieces on either side of your tv that faces your bed. You know that this wall will be the first thing you see when you wake up, and the last thing that you will see before you go to sleep. It should be art that is calming, something that makes you feel tranquil and at peace. Preferably it should be two pieces that match and become anchors for the tv in the center.

Art In The Space is what truly makes the space! As Artists + Creatives, we often design spaces and always look for ways to naturally incorporate our artwork into a space, so that it flows and gives a sense of comfort and belonging.

Meet The Artists, Vibe + Guido, of SABALI Luxury Art + Design. Two Inspired Creatives who are partnered in life + art. They both have an affinity for nature, and enjoy creating in mixed media, porcelain sculpture, acrylic paintings, and design with natural elements. The intention is to craft Family Heirlooms to be passed down through the generations, to be cherished indefinitely. The art celebrates + embraces The Permanence Of Impermanence, The Perfection Of Imperfection + The Procreation Of Imagination. Subscribe to VIBES Lifestyle YouTube Channel to join V+G on their adventures! If you love nature, tea, art, exploring, traveling and enjoying an Inspired Life, then you're going to Love It!


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