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What is your Love Language? What is Inspired Love? We all need to know these things in order to have conscious, healthy and balanced relationships. This is imperative, whether it is a romantic partnership, friend, family member or loved one. We often look to others to appease our needs, but have we thoroughly communicated them? That is the real question!

Have you ever read Mindful Loving, by Henry Grayson, PhD? We recommend it whenever we are discussing the topic of Inspired Love. It isn't about being that picture perfect couple all of the time. It's about having patience, talking things through, and having the desire and perseverance to learn how to properly cater to the needs of one another. Life throws things in our path that we often have no idea how to cope with, this can really harm and damage relationships. However, that damage doesn't have to be permanent. Think of it in terms of a wound or broken bone, it takes time, but it can heal. There are also additional methods that can be utilized in order to assist in that healing.

It is important to reach for tools and techniques to build a strong relationship, filled with love and compassion. Steps are a key asset in changing habits. If there is a tendency to not listen when your partner is speaking, create steps for yourself whenever a conversation is taking place. For example:

STEP 1: Look them in the eyes when they are speaking.

STEP 2: Listen to each word that is being articulated and pay attention to the inflection in their voice.

STEP 3: When there is an appropriate pause, insert a response of assurance, a nod or "I understand".

It's incredible just how far making small adjustments will take you. More than likely, if you begin to address, assess and resolve issues that your partner has been complaining about, they will notice right away and feel a sense of relief and gratitude. You may even notice a change in their attitude, demeanor and behavior shortly after you begin to make adjustments. It is a very satisfying and fulfilling experience when this begins to happen.

Practice non-reaction in the heat of the moment, when an argument is beginning to erupt, or you see that it may be going in that direction, attempt to hold back your immediate response and give yourself a moment to cool down. Consider what you want from the situation as well as what you desire from the relationship as a whole. If you desire peace, then try to choose responses that will lead in that direction. It will be worth it in the long run, even if the ego resists it in the moment.

"What if we all decided to choose to live in full consciousness from the True Self? We would own our power to continually create peace and joy in every relationship. Every thought we think, leads to every emotion and action we take. We are, therefore, very active co-creators of every relationship in every moment of interaction, whether in person or in our minds." ~ Mindful Loving, by Henry Grayson

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