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To live an Inspired Life, one must check in and see if there is constant and consistent growth and development taking place. It's easy to become stagnant or complacent in life, for one reason or another. It may be fear of failure or fear of success, it may be from a past trauma that caused us to withdraw and recoil. The feeling of safety is like a warm blanket, it wraps us and envelopes us in the known, and protects us from the Great Unknown.

This is all very understandable, however it would be a nice idea if we believed in ourselves and moved in the direction of that which our heart and soul truly desires. The goal is to leave this life with as few regrets as possible. To feel as though we did our best and gave it our all while we were here.

Let's do a short assessment to see what things may be causing a blockage and keeping us from Living The Dream. Take a few quiet moments to respond to the questions below, and use your responses as a roadmap to your goals!


What Is Your Biggest Self-Limiting Belief?

What Things Occur Throughout The Day To Discourage You?

What Keeps You From Maintaining A Healthy Routine?

What Is Preventing You From Reaching Your Maximum Potential?

Hopefully this brief exercise has helped you to gain some insight, and gets you motivated in the direction of being true to yourself. Never limit yourself and never settle, you deserve to create the life that you desire!




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