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Join Noir on a Journey Of The Raven, as this series takes flight with the new release of SOUL READER - CHRONICLES I, II + III

The challenges faced when emerging from the Underground are beyond our wildest imaginations, and Noir has a task at hand that she must complete... Or else!

Discover what has been hidden beneath the layers of the earth. Trapped under the surface, emerging only to control outcomes in a way that no one would ever expect. 

An unraveling adventure, revealing riveting secrets of the past and present, while defeating danger, and finding love in hard to reach places. This is only the beginning!


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In order to have what you want, you must first know what you want. The conviction and confidence must be there, and you have to believe that you can receive it.


The key to accessing this amazing power is focusing your intention, and becoming very clear on the vision that you would like to manifest for yourself. This book is a guide for you to gain Clarity and Design Your Dream!


Everyone wants something and some people want everything. It is understandable, as we are indeed physical manifestations. We are source energy that is focused into physical form so that we can enjoy and learn from the experiences that this planet has to offer.

While we are here, we have opportunities to expand our consciousness and live better, fuller lives. The key here is to become a vibrational match to our desires. Our frequency must align with that which we wish to bring into our reality. This is not just about physical manifestations, it is about all aspects of life including love, wellness, abundance, happiness, etc.

Perhaps you are currently in vibrational discord, meaning that you do not feel aligned with your desires in the present moment, that is okay. Accept it. Allow it. Forgive yourself. You are a human being that has endured a lifetime of indoctrination, miseducation, and perhaps even some form of abuse. Forgive those who were unconscious enough to subject you to such things, and forgive yourself for unconsciously creating that reality. Yes, you created it. But that is okay, because from here, there is no limit to where you can go! Once you have accepted and allowed your current reality, you are already on the right path, because you are no longer in resistance to it. This creates an opening and a platform for new and better things to come.

Emerging is a process, so do your best not to get frustrated and give up right away if you are not seeing immediate progress. Keep in mind that You have been the You that You are for a long time, and just like untangling one of those thin gold necklaces that often get kinked and knotted, you have a few kinks and knots...but we will work them out at the pace that is best for you and your journey!


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